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How Bordeaux En Primeur Works at Vinum:

At Vinum, we offer you the opportunity to participate in the exciting world of Bordeaux en primeur. This unique system allows you to secure exceptional wines from the prestigious Bordeaux region.

We believe that the en primeur experience goes beyond acquiring exceptional wines; it offers a personal and romantic journey that connects you intimately with the Bordeaux winemaking tradition and can offer financial advantages to purchasing after bottling.

By purchasing en primeur, you become part of this story, capturing a moment in time that will continue to evolve and develop as the wine ages.


The En Primeur process explained:

  1. Harvest and Vinification: Grapes are carefully harvested from esteemed Bordeaux vineyards and undergo fermentation and aging in oak barrels for a specific period, typically 12 to 24 months. This maturation process enhances the wines’ complexity and character.
  2. Tasting by Wine Critics: Respected wine critics and industry experts are invited to taste and evaluate the young wines from various Bordeaux châteaux. Their expertise and assessments greatly influence the wines’ reputation and demand and by finding a critic whose opinion you value you can find the wines that are fitting to your tastes and palate.
  3. Release of En Primeur Offer: After the wines have been reviewed and scored by critics, Bordeaux châteaux release an en primeur offer. This offer provides detailed information about the wine, including the vintage, château, grape varieties, winemaking techniques, critic scores, and the purchase price.
  4. En Primeur Purchase: As a client, you have the exclusive opportunity to purchase these en primeur wines before they become available in the market. You can place your order through our wine merchant business, specifying the desired quantity of cases. En primeur wines are typically sold by the case, often containing 6 or 12 bottles.
  5. Payment and Storage: Once your en primeur order is confirmed, you will be required to pay the total price of the wine and the wines are then stored until they are ready to be bottled and delivered. During this time, the wines are stored in the cellars of the respective Bordeaux châteaux or in specialized wine storage facilities.
  6. Bottling and Delivery: Once the wines have completed their aging process and the châteaux deem them ready for release, they are bottled and prepared for delivery. You will receive your en primeur wines, either into your storage account or you have them delivered or shipped to a private cellar. 

The History of En Primeur and Its Advantages for Clients

En primeur, also known as Bordeaux futures, has a rich history dating back several decades. This system originated in Bordeaux, France, and has become an integral part of the region’s wine trade. Here are some key historical points and the advantages en primeur offers to you:

  • Historical Significance: En primeur has been practiced in Bordeaux since the 18th century, originally as a means for wine merchants to secure the best wines from each vintage. Over time, it evolved into a method for clients to access sought-after wines before their release.
  • Exclusive Access: En primeur offers you an exclusive opportunity to acquire highly acclaimed wines directly from the châteaux. This access is often limited, and the wines may become scarce or more expensive once officially released.
  • Price Advantage: By purchasing en primeur, you can take advantage of preferential pricing. En primeur wines are typically offered at a discounted price compared to the future retail price, allowing you to potentially save on their wine investments.
  • Cellaring Potential: En primeur wines are known for their outstanding aging potential. By acquiring these wines early, you have the opportunity to follow their development over time and enjoy them at their peak, as they mature and evolve in the bottle.
  • Bottle format selection: During the purchasing process you can select large formats of selected wines which can be extremely hard to source after the initial release. 

Guaranteed provenance: Purchasing en primeur gives you the opportunity to guarantee the provenance of your wine which travels directly from the chateau via your merchant into your storage account or cellar.


At Vinum, we are dedicated to bringing you the finest selection of en primeur wines from Bordeaux. With our expertise and access to prestigious châteaux, we ensure you have a seamless and rewarding en primeur experience.

We are committed to curating a selection of exquisite wines that can be a part of your special moments, elevating your experiences and creating lifelong memories. Let us guide you through this enchanting world of en primeur, and together, we will embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

Please note that availability, prices, and specific details of en primeur releases may vary each year, depending on the châteaux and the vintage. We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date information and personalized service to make your en primeur journey exceptional.


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