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Akkeshi Distillery - The Latest Release in the 24 Solar Terms Series

A new kid on the block, Akkeshi, located on Japan’s northernmost Hokkaido island, is fast becoming one of the most collectible Japanese whiskies. Today, I’m delighted to have a small number of the seventh release in the ’24 Solar Terms’ series, the ‘Seimei’.  


The ’24 Solar Terms’ series is fascinating collection (seven bottles have been released so far) based upon the ancient Japanese calendar which divided the year into 24 solar seasons. Each was named and is associated with a specific seasonal change, such as ‘Kanro’ here below being the onset of the cold dew or ‘Ritto’ being the beginning of winter.

Each whisky is unique with releases so far being both single malts and world blends that feature Akkeshi single malt alongside imported New Pot Grain that the distillery has aged for at least 3 years. Fascinating whiskies in a set that is already becoming incredibly collectible, do let me know if you’d like to secure this latest release.


We are delighted to offer:


Akkeshi Single Malt Peated ‘Seimei’

GBP 295 per 70cl bottle in bond – 12 bottles available

This is the seventh whisky in the twenty-four bottle series named ‘Seimei’ which translates as ‘clear and bright’ and denotes the beginning of Spring. A time when the flowers will bloom and butterflies dance in the blue sky on a refereshing breeze.


*Offered subject to final confirmation and remaining unsold. Due to arrive in approximately 8 weeks.



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