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Comtes Georges de Vogue - back vintages in OWC & magnums

The Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue is unquestionably one of the reference point estates of the entire Cote d’Or and a source of some of the most magical bottles from anywhere on the planet. As proud agents for de Vogue in Singapore we are thrilled to bring you this fabulous selection combining our stock and rare back vintages, generously released to us by the domaine in recent years.

Featuring only original wooden cases and magnums – also packed in individual OWCs – this collection covers both drinking vintages and some of the icons of Domaine de Vogue.

For those seeking wines to drink we can recommend:

  • 3 cases of Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru 2013
  • Musigny Vieilles Vignes 2011 en magnum
  • Ex-domaine magnums of both Musigny and Bonnes Mares 1991

Amongst an embarrassment of riches, absolute highlights include:

  • A full 10 cases of Mugisny 2018
  • Musigny from the great 2005 vintage
  • A rare case of Bourgogne Blanc 2011

This offer is sure to prove popular with Burgundy enthusiasts filling holes in their collections or adding a few rarely seen gems to their cellars. Please let us know if you’re keen to acquire any of these back vintages from Domaine Comte Georges de Vogue.


The Offer:
Offered subject remaining unsold. Immediately available from our cellars in Singapore.

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2019
1 case (1×6) OWC available @ $6,000 per case (w/ GST $6,480)
A riper and more restrained nose requires some swirling to reveal its aromas of plum liqueur, blue berry, cassis, earth and a more restricted range of spice elements. The bigger and richer flavors possess an opulent richness and a velvety texture that coats the palate and enrobes the firmer tannic spine shaping the powerful, tautly muscular and strikingly persistent finale. This too possesses superb development potential though patience definitely advised.
94/100 – Allen Meadows / Burghound

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2018
8 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $2,600 per case (w/ GST $2,808)
This is very deeply colored, in fact so much so that it would make a young port blush! The ripe aromas of red and blue berries, spice and earth display a mentholated top note. The dense, powerful and mouth coating broad-shouldered flavors possess evident muscularity while delivering excellent length on the youthfully austere finale. This isn’t refined, indeed it’s borderline rustic, but it’s a dramatically impressive and very firmly structured wine that should live for decades.
95/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2018
10 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $4,350 per case (w/ GST $4,698)
A ripe and super-fresh nose offers up notes of black raspberry, plum liqueur, Asian-style tea and a whiff of incense. The racy, intense and mineral-driven big-bodied flavors retain outstanding delineation as well as an abundance of palate soaking dry extract before delivering stunningly good length where an interesting hint of citrus character in the form of mandarin orange appears. This incredibly powerful effort is both classy and highly complex and like the Bonnes Mares, is a wine that will live for decades. With that said, it’s not so backward and compact to preclude it being approachable after only 10 to 12 years. A knockout by any standard.
97/100 – Allen Meadows

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2017
6 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $2,300 per case (w/ GST $2,484)
A very ripe yet agreeably fresh nose reflects notes of blue berry, plum liqueur and violet that are cut with spice, menthol and earth hints. The exceptionally rich and impressively full-bodied flavors evidence a taut muscularity, all wrapped in an overtly powerful and lingering finish that is naturally sweet. As one would reasonably expect this is quite firm; indeed it’s borderline rustic.
93/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2017
11 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $3,200 per case (w/ GST $3,456)
An openly exotic nose offers glimpses of black cherry liqueur, ginger, Asian-style tea, sandalwood and orange peel along with plenty of floral elements. The tighter and much more mineral-driven big-bodied flavors also possess evident muscle on the powerful and dense yet beautifully refined finish that goes on and on. This is also a bit less structured though with that said, this is going to need at least 15 years to reach its apogee. In sum, this is relatively refined though still a very serious wine.
94/100 – Allen Meadows / Burghound

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2015
2 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $4,800 per case (w/ GST $5,184)
3 magnums OWC1 available @ $3,600 per magnum (w/ GST $3,888)
Deep ruby color. A kaleidoscopically spicy and broad-ranging nose grudgingly reveals notes of red cherry, cassis, plum, violet, Asian-style tea, sandalwood and hoisin. The velvety and mouth coating imposingly-scaled and intense mineral-driven flavors are blessed with seemingly endless reserves of dry extract that coat the palate on the highly seductive finish that delivers fantastically good length on the youthfully austere, backward and immaculately well-balanced finale. This opulent yet very serious effort is also going to require a very long snooze in a very cool cellar but it should be a remarkable Musigny when it finally emerges. I would add that I don’t know if this will be potentially one of the all-time great vintages for the de Vogüé Musigny but my guess is that it will at least be in the conversation, which given the historical track record of this wine, is no small compliment.
97/100 – Allen Meadows

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 2014
2 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $2,600 per case (w/ GST $2,808)
Deep ruby. A completely different aromatic profile is present with its much earthier array of notably fresh red berries and discreet sauvage aromas where a touch of elegance is provided by notes of violet and lilac. There is excellent richness to the muscular and full-bodied flavors that also possess fine mid-palate concentration that coats the mouth and helps to buffer the very firm tannic spine on the seamlessly proportioned finale. This very firmly structured effort is clearly going to require 15 to 20 years to arrive at its peak.
94/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2014
4 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $3,800 per case (w/ GST $4,104)
3 magnums OWC1 available @ $2,800 per magnum (w/ GST $3,024)
While highly complex this is cool to the point of only grudgingly revealing a strikingly layered combination of violets, rose petals, sandalwood, anise, clove, plum and dark currant scents. This is a big and overtly muscular wine with broad-shouldered and admirably concentrated flavors yet for all of the impressive size, weight and volume, the massively long finish is serene, even Zen-like. 2014 is a relatively seductive and forward vintage for this storied wine, and I appreciate that calling a wine “forward” when it will likely need 20 years to fully mature is a relative concept!
95/100 – Allen Meadows

Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru 2013
3 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $1,440 per case (w/ GST $1,555.20)
Here the highly restrained nose is a bit more deeply pitched with perfumed and spiced aromas of pomegranate, lilac, plum and exotic tea scents. There is a suave yet delineated mouth feel to the much bigger, richer and more obviously mineral-driven middle weight plus flavors that possess a highly sophisticated texture, all wrapped in a naturally sweet and balanced finish that delivers outstanding depth and length. Lovely quality and a good way to buy Musigny more reasonably.
93/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2013
3 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $3,600 per case (w/ GST $3,888)
3 magnums OWC1 available @ $2,700 per magnum (w/ GST $2,916)
This is also quite aromatically restrained with its cool, airy and extraordinarily complex nose that features notes of red raspberry, black cherry, violet, rose petal, Asian-style spices, in particular cinnamon and anise plus a hint of orange pekoe tea. There is superb concentration to the intensely stony and well-delineated broad-shouldered flavors that also brim with palate soaking dry extract that helps to buffer that imposingly powerful, tautly muscular and massively long and youthfully austere finish. This is breathtaking in just how much power and intensity it packs yet there isn’t a hair out of place. In a word, ‘wow’!
96/100 – Allen Meadows

Bourgogne Blanc 2011
1 case (1×6) OWC available @ $3,600 per case (w/ GST $3,888)
** No rating available **

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2011
3 magnums OWC1 available @ $2,500 per magnum (w/ GST $2,700)
A remarkably attractively cool and restrained nose of various red berries, spice and a beautiful array of floral elements complements well the rich and equally cool mineral-tinged big-bodied and overtly muscular flavors. There is a really lovely sense of underlying tension on the clean and pure finish that delivers strikingly good length. This intensely mineral-driven effort is also clean and firm but with slightly better phenolic maturity to the supporting structural elements which should allow this beauty to age successfully for many years to come.
94/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 2005
2 cases (1×3) OWC available @ $8,250 per case (w/ GST $8,910)
Prepare to be transported. A positively brilliant nose of violet and rose petal shines against a background of intensely spiced extravagant red and black pinot fruit nuanced by hints of earth and stone and this minerality continues onto the surprisingly supple flavors that convey a remarkable sense of energy and power on the almost unbelievably intense, focused and structured finish that seems to go on and on without end. And the ’05 VV has what all truly great burgundies have which is that extra dimension of power without weight as this carries terrific punch and power yet delivers that explosiveness with impeccable class and grace. While I am duly mindful of the many legendary wines this domaine has produced (see the database for all vintages reviewed dating to 1919), the 2005 could very well join the list of the all time greats, there is really that much potential here. Whether it will ultimately transcend the heights achieved by the 1919 or the 1949 (among many others) remains an open question, I have zero doubt that 2005 will be a genuinely great vintage for this wine. Brilliance personified and absolutely a ‘wow’ wine, in fact, this merits a double ‘wow’.
99/100 – Allen Meadows

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 1991
2 magnums OWC1 available @ $3,250 per magnum (w/ GST $3,510)
An expressive, complex and highly perfumed nose now displays plenty of secondary development and is followed by big, powerful, classically robust and and still moderately structured flavors that offer superb depth and exceptionally good length. The ’91 Bonnes Mares is a first-rate effort that will probably always possess a slight tannic edge to the finish yet the power and depth make it easy to overlook this. For my taste this is drinking wonderfully well now though there is absolutely no rush to drink up. Multiple, and largely consistent, notes.
93/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 1991
2 magnums OWC1 available @ $4,500 per magnum (w/ GST $4,860)
I have had this wine many times and it has always been one of my favorite ’91s. Unfortunately, a number of bottles tasted within the last 3 years were already on the decline, having lost that wonderful velvety quality that I once so much admired. While not unpleasant, it’s clear that these bottles are not what they should be. However, a bottle tasted in Los Angeles that was air freighted from the Domaine only 3 weeks prior was simply outstanding with a wonderful nose of exotic spices and subtle yet seductive game and smoky hints followed by rich, warm and pure flavors of superb depth and length with plenty of finishing velvet. As the note suggests, I have encountered significant bottle variation with scores ranging from 87 to 94. The bottle in this particular tasting showed well if not brilliantly and while not as dense and rich as the ’91 Bonnes Mares, it was silkier, delicious, complex and long and drinking well now.
91/100 – Allen Meadows

Musigny Vielles Vignes Grand Cru 1990
2 magnums OWC1 available @ $3,600 per magnum (w/ GST $3,888)
As long time readers know, I have never thought very highly of this wine and I have had on the order of 3 cases of it without ever finding one that I thought was very good, let alone great. This would include a bottle that was air expressed directly from the domaine so my objections have nothing to do with storage, provenance or shipping. However, the bottle in this tasting displayed the best fruit/acid/tannin balance of any ’90 VV that I’ve yet had and while I would stop well short of according it the accolades that it once received in abundance, it didn’t not display the green finishing tannins and overtly advanced aromas that its predecessors have. In short, a wine of moderate promise and while by no means great, at least acceptable in the context of the extremely high standards of this wine and this vintage.
89/100 – Allen Meadows

Bonnes Mares Grand Cru 1986
1 magnum OWC1 available @ $2,450 per magnum (w/ GST $2,646)
Mostly bricked through though with a still ruby core. Here the nose has gone entirely tertiary with spiced aromas of sous-bois and earth that lead to vibrant and detailed if somewhat tough flavors that are still underpinned by slightly drying tannins on the clipped if nicely complex finale. This is a creature of its vintage and while it’s by no means a poor wine, it’s not especially distinguished either. Drink up.
87/100 – Allen Meadows


Terms & Conditions:
Offer ends on Wednesday 10th May 2023 l No further discount l Immediate payment required l Delivery fees ($32.40) waived for purchases above $500 before GST excluding airports | Cancellation of orders not allowed l Order/s to be collected/delivered within 1 month upon stock availability l Offered Ex-Singapore & subject to remaining unsold​

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