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Masseto: 2004 - 2019 Amazing Vertical

Italy has its own answer to Petrus, it is called Masseto. 

First made in 1986 as Il Merlot dell’Ornellaia, Masseto has gone on to become one of the most highly sought-after wines in the world.

Masseto is a paragon of wine making, found on the Hill of Masseto, which is about 120 metres above sea level. Again like Petrus its clay terroir allows the soil to absorb and store water, aided further by the cool sea breeze keeping the terrain perennially cool. Its parallels with Petrus continue as the estate mimics Petrus’ low yields, its 6 hectares producing around 2,500 cases a year.

Astonishing scores across the board from the critics who say “positively stellar…Wow!…spellbinding…What a wine!…an absolute thrill”

These are in pristine condition as per the photos above. Please let us know if these are of interest.


The Offer:
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2004 Masseto 

7 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 5,100/ case (inc GST $5,508)

“The 2004 Masseto, one of my personal favorites, is positively stellar. I have always adored the 2004 for its silky tannins, stunning aromatic presence and total finesse, all of which are on display today. Beautifully pure to the long finish and profoundly beautiful in every way, the 2004 has it all. It was a textbook vintage that only presented one real challenge, and that was moderating the naturally high yields that resulted from an unblocking of energy the vines had held in store from the previous year. Where producers moderated yields, the wines are often stunning, as is very much the case here. If forced to choose only one vintage of Masseto I could own or drink it would be the 2004.”

100 Points Antonio Galloni


2007 Masseto 

1 case (x3) @ SGD$ 3,750/ case (inc GST $4,050)

“Rich, sumptuous and exotically beautiful, the 2007 Masseto is off the charts. The year got off to a very warm, dry start, but then cooler weather in August allowed for the vines to find their balance. All the best elements of Masseto and the house style come together in this truly memorable wine. Dark red fruit, espresso, mocha and wild flowers flesh out in a resonant, stunningly beautiful Tuscan red that hits all the right notes. Wow!”

98 Points Antonio Galloni


2011 Masseto

1 case (x3) @ SGD$ 2,850/ case (inc GST $3,078) 

“Wow. Fabulous aromas of currants, rosemary, mint and orange peel. Perfect nose. Full body with perfectly integrated tannins. It’s long and incredible with tangerine, toasted-oak, berry, terracotta and chocolate flavors. It lasts for minutes on the palate. This needs at least five years to soften but so spellbinding now.”

100 Points James Suckling 


2012 Masseto 

4 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 3,150/ case (inc GST $3,402)

“The 2012 Masseto is an incredibly sexy wine. I can’t believe how expressive it is here. The year was mostly warm and dry, but not excessively so. Raspberry jam, mint, spice, white chocolate and sweet floral notes all race out of the glass. Sumptuous in feel, with gorgeous, open-knit fruit and soaring aromatic intensity, the 2012 dazzles from start to finish. What a wine!”

97 Points Antonio Galloni


2013 Masseto 

4 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 3,150/ case (inc GST $3,402)

“The 2013 Masseto paints a glorious picture of Tuscany. It captures an inspired moment in time and walks an impressive tightrope between power and elegance. In my preview tasting last year, I noticed the firm textural richness of the 2013 vintage and the crystalline sharpness of its aromas. Thanks to 12 additional months of bottle aging, that impression is evermore constant and concrete. The focus is there, yet the wine has also fleshed out and put on more velvety definition especially in terms of mouthfeel. It wears its pedigree with pride, but most importantly it offers the balance and integration to promise a long and healthy aging future. The 2013 vintage follows closely on the heels of the impeccable 2006 and 2010 vintages in terms of cellaring potential. This is definitely a bottle that should interest collectors.”

97 Points Monica Larner


2014 Masseto 

1 case (x3) @ SGD$ 3,000/ case (inc GST $3,240)

“Beautiful aromas of violets and blackberry with hints of spice. Some sweet tobacco. Full body, yet refined and polished with ultra-fine tannins and a long, long finish. The texture and intensity are exceptional. Fantastic for the vintage. Drink in 2021 but a joy to taste.”

97 Points James Suckling 


2015 Masseto

3 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 3,900/ case (inc GST $4,212)

“The release of this wine comes at a very happy time for the Masseto brand. The stunning 2015 Masseto is hitting the market just as the final touches are being made to the new Masseto winery. I’m told that Masseto might one day see other wines made under that same roof, so we can’t exclude a future enlargement of the Masseto portfolio. The Masseto vineyard now covers seven hectares (divided into three plots), and the vines range from 30 to 40 years old. The wine is absolutely teeming with sensorial spirit that is transmitted through the bounty of the bouquet and the solid tannins of the mouthfeel. Nothing about the wine goes unnoticed or unchecked. Its many working pieces fit together with precision like a well-oiled machine. The 2015 vintage is characterized by a level of sheer exuberance that also defined the 2004 and 2007 vintages. Yet, it also reveals similar power, directness and linearity that we saw in the 2010 vintage. The 2015 Masseto takes the best of all those past vintages and confines those qualities to this single, spectacular bottle.”

100 Points Monica Larner


2018 Masseto 

2 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 3,300/ case (inc GST $3,564)

“The 2018 Masseto is going to be an absolute thrill for readers who follow this iconic Bolgheri Merlot. Silky, mid-weight and supremely gracious, the 2018 reminds me of the 2004 in its aromatic intensity and classic, refined feel. Inky red/purplish fruit, cedar, lavender, espresso, sage and mint are some of the many aromas and flavors that develop with time in the glass. There is so much to like here. More than anything else, I am struck by how ripe and well balanced the tannins are, something that is rare for Masseto, especially in the early going, when the wine can be a bit burly.”

100 Points Antonio Galloni


2019 Masseto 

3 cases (x3) @ SGD$ 3,000/ case (inc GST $3,240)

“Masseto is Italy’s most expensive red wine. From the start it has been a 100% Merlot wine but for the first time in 2019 we see the inclusion of 10% Cabernet Franc. In my view this is a very intelligent move and a good response to climate change; Cabernet Franc has a natural home in Bolgheri and it is a later ripening variety. When it ripens well, it can add great depth of fragrance and flavor to a wine. The 2019 is deeply colored and dark purple in tone with an intriguing perfumed, violet note on the nose and lots of spice, red fruits, and black raspberry on the palate. The tannins are very fine and tightly knit and there is a lovely harmony and freshness to this wine with bright acidity providing a fresh finish. There is also a lick of creamy oak on the finish, but all very subtly done. The Masseto 2019 has a perfect texture and weight. It is concentrated but supremely elegant at the same time. For Axel Heinz, Director of Winemaking: “The 2019s are in a sweet spot at the moment.” I think I have to agree! Drink 2024 -2045.”

100 Points Susan Hulme MW – Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s The Wine Independent


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