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A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Gaia Cinnirella, Winemaker & CellarMaster of Masseto, to our office in Singapore. The team was delighted to meet the woman behind the “Petrus of Italy” and to learn more about the unique features of this confidential Tuscany domain.

Gaia explained to us the key factors that contribute to Masseto’s exceptional wines:

  • Climate: The Masseto vines benefit from a milder and more temperate climate than the rest of Tuscany, which gives the wine its unique character.
  • Soil: The vineyard is situated on a mosaic of soils composed of blue clay, a gentle reminiscence of a marine deposit dating back to the Pliocene era. This gives the wine a saline elegance.
  • Grapes: While Masseto is primarily known for its Mediterranean-style Merlot, a few Cabernet Franc vines have been planted to complement the blend of the Massetino cuvée, its second wine.
  • Winemaking: In the cellar, each parcel is vinified separately and blended all together a year later before being aged for another year in new french oak barrels.

We are thrilled today to offer four exceptional vintages of Masseto available now. Two of these vintages, the 2004 and 2006, have received perfect scores of 100 points.Antonio Galloni, considers the 2004 Masseto as one of his personal favorites and describes it as “positively stellar.” Meanwhile, Monica Larner praises the 2006 vintage, stating that it embodies both “elegance and power.”

The 2018 and 2019 vintages, both rated 98 and 98+ points by Galloni, are equally remarkable. According to Galloni, “The 2018 Masseto is going to be an absolute thrill for readers who follow this iconic Bolgheri Merlot,” while the 2019 vintage is simply “fabulous.”


The Offer
Subject to remaining unsold. Available ex our cellars in Singapore now.

2004 Masseto
3 Magnums (x1.5L) OWC @ SGD $4,300 (inc GST $4,644) per magnum
“The 2004 Masseto, one of my personal favorites, is positively stellar. I have always adored the 2004 for its silky tannins, stunning aromatic presence and total finesse, all of which are on display today. Beautifully pure to the long finish and profoundly beautiful in every way, the 2004 has it all. It was a textbook vintage that only presented one real challenge, and that was moderating the naturally high yields that resulted from an unblocking of energy the vines had held in store from the previous year. Where producers moderated yields, the wines are often stunning, as is very much the case here. If forced to choose only one vintage of Masseto I could own or drink it would be the 2004.”
100 Points Antonio Galloni

2006 Masseto
7 cases (x3) OWC @ SGD $5,650 (inc GST $6,102) per case
“The wine that most delighted me at this historic tasting of Tuscany’s most iconic wines was the 2006 Masseto. This is a wine of sheer power, bliss, opulence, infinity and sublime seduction. This Merlot-based masterpiece hits all your senses with the grace of a ballerina and the power of a heavyweight. It is steady on its proverbial feet, but it also glides over the palate with a profound sense of elegance, harmony and rhythm. Among the prized vintages of Masseto, including 2001, 2004 and 2007, this edition is my favorite. The wine delivers an extra sense of tightness or firmness at the back that serves to stitch together its fleshy richness and general sumptuousness. The personality is sunny, expansive, articulate and sophisticated. You’ll remember that the 2006 vintage is celebrated for the elegance of its wines. In the coastal Bolgheri appellation, it is also remembered for the power of its wines. You get the best of both worlds with this stunning creation: elegance and power. These traits are particularly well suited to the versatile grape variety at the heart of this Tuscan all-rounder. This is a true Renaissance wine.”
100 Points Monica Larner

2018 Masseto
1 case (x3) OWC @ SGD $3,300 (inc GST $3,564) per case
“The 2018 Masseto is going to be an absolute thrill for readers who follow this iconic Bolgheri Merlot. Silky, mid-weight and supremely gracious, the 2018 reminds me of the 2004 in its aromatic intensity and classic, refined feel. Inky red/purplish fruit, cedar, lavender, espresso, sage and mint are some of the many aromas and flavors that develop with time in the glass. There is so much to like here. More than anything else, I am struck by how ripe and well balanced the tannins are, something that is rare for Masseto, especially in the early going, when the wine can be a bit burly.”
98 Points Antonio Galloni

2019 Masseto
8 cases (x3) OWC @ SGD $3,150 (inc GST $3,402) per case
“The 2019 Masseto is fabulous. Silky, gracious and super-refined, the 2019 is a total knock-out. So often Masseto is a powerhouse at this stage, but the 2019 is so elegant, so precise. This is the first year that includes Cabernet Franc, 10% in this case. I can’t say I am at all surprised given how much Franc has added to Massetino. Red berry fruit, mocha, cinnamon and blood orange lend freshness throughout. The 2019 has just been bottle, so it’s early. But there certainly appears to be a lot to look forward to. (Originally Published in March 2022)”
98+ Points Antonio Galloni

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