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'1st Growth' USA Offer to Celebrate Independence Day!

As we approach the 4th of July, there’s no better way to celebrate America’s independence than with a collection of some of the most iconic wines the United States has to offer. Today, we’re excited to present a special selection of exceptional wines, each representing the pinnacle of American viticulture.

Breathtaking scores and notes across the board feature many recognisable names such as Screaming Eagle, Harlan/BOND, Opus, and Sine Qua Non. Notably, we have two ultra-rare whites: the 2015 Peter Michael Chardonnay Point Rouge and the Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc. Produced in tiny quantities, it’s a rare treat to see these exceptional wines on our Singapore shores.

No less than 15 Perfect scores from the critics! They say “Absolutely perfect…great first-growth property…absolutely riveting…a remarkable, singular wine…simply stunning. Bravo!…Wow.”

Often rivalling the greats from Europe and compared to the 1st Growth’s these are not to be missed for your cellar.


The Offer:
Offered subject to remaining unsold. Available from our Singapore cellars now.


2002 Screaming Eagle, Cabernet Sauvignon
SGD $4,750 per bot ($5,177.50 inc GST) – 2 bottles
“The 2002 is unquestionably an extrovert.”
98 Antonio Galloni

2012 Lail Vineyards, J Daniel Cabernet Sauvignon
SGD $480 per bot ($523.20 inc GST) – 5 bottles

“Absolutely perfect and one of the monumental wines of my long tasting trip”
100 Robert Parker

100 Lisa Perrotti-Brown

2013 Harlan Estate Proprietary Blend 
SGD $4,400 per mag ($4,796 inc GST) – 1 Magnum in OC
“This great first-growth property, with aspirations to produce the finest Cabernet Sauvignon-based wine made in the New World, has given us a wine that has it all in 2013.”
100 Robert Parker
100 Antonio Galloni

2016 Screaming Eagle, The Flight
SGD $3,750 per case ($4,087.50 inc GST) – 2 cases (1×3) OWC

“The Flight is built on a core of older Merlot vines from the southeast corner of the estate. It is an absolutely riveting wine from Screaming Eagle.”
98 Antonio Galloni

2013 Bond Estate, Melbury
SGD $5,100 per case ($5,559 inc GST) – 1 case (1×6) OC

“This is another wine in the range that continues to age exquisitely.”
97 Antonio Galloni
97 Robert Parker

2018 Bond Estate, Vecina
SGD $3,300 per case ($3,597 inc GST) – 2 cases (1×3) OC

“This is a real head-turner!”
100 Lisa Perrotti-Brown

2018 Opus One
SGD $2,900 per case ($3,161 inc GST) – 15 cases (1×6) OWC

“fantastic freshness, finishing with lifted fruitiness and on a lingering mineral note.”
98 Lisa Perrotti-Brown
99 James Suckling 

2019 Favia Cerro Sur
SGD $990 per case ($1,079.10 inc GST) – 3 cases (1×3) OC

“This is an especially savory wine with strong cool-climate aromas and flavors that are so captivating.”
98 Antonio Galloni

2019 Favia Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon 
SGD $990 per case ($1,079.10 inc GST) – 4 cases (1×3) OC
“The 2019 is one of the very finest wines I have ever tasted from Andy Erickson and Annie Favia. Don’t miss it.”
98 Antonio Galloni

2019 Opus One 
SGD $2,900 per case ($3,161 inc GST) – 10 cases (1×6) OWC
“The medium-bodied palate shimmers with tension, delivering impactful red and black berry preserves layers, framed by very fine-grained tannins, finishing with epic length and energy.”
98 Lisa Perrotti-Brown

2020 Screaming Eagle, Cabernet Sauvignon 
SGD $12,900 per case ($14,061 inc GST) – 1 case (1×3) OWC
“Fabulous aromas of cabernet sauvignon with blackcurrants, blueberries, bark, fresh mushrooms and violets, follow through to a full body with an elegance that builds at the finish, leaving you with a freshness and minerality that goes on for minutes. Unique wine in so many ways.”
99 James Suckling 

2019 Beaulieu Vineyard, BV Georges de Latour Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
SGD $960 per case ($1,046 inc GST) – 8 cases (1×6) OWC

“A whole range of savory and earthy notes lends complexity to this powerhouse Georges de Latour. The 2019 is impressive, that much is evident.”
97+ Antonio Galloni

2005 Sine Qua Non, The 17th Nail in My Cranium
SGD $2,500 per bot ($2,725 inc GST) – 1 bottle

“It’s a remarkable, singular wine from this genius of a winemaker that readers should enjoy over the coming 5-10 years.”
100 Jeb Dunnuck
100 Robert Parker

2006 Sine Qua Non, A Shot in the Dark & In the Crosshairs Assortment 
SGD $7,200 per mag case ($7,848 inc GST) – 2 mag case (2×1.5L) OWC
A Shot in the Dark
“a complex, rich, seamless, well-balanced tour de force in winemaking.”
100 Robert Parker

In the Crosshairs
“Despite the extended time in barrel, there is not a trace of wood and it stays remarkably pure, concentrated, and balanced.”
100 Jeb Dunnuck
100 Robert Parker

2016 Abreu, Las Posadas
SGD $2,250 per case ($2,452.50 inc GST) – 3 cases (1×3) OWC

“Unctuous, creamy and super-expressive, the Posadas captures the opulence of Howell Mountain. It is simply magnificent in every way.”
100 Antonio Galloni

2017 Harlan Estate Proprietary Blend
SGD $3,200 per mag ($3,488 inc GST) – 1 Magnum in 
“This should be one of the longer-lived wines coming out of the 2017 vintage.”
97+ Lisa Perrotti-Brown

2018 Harlan Estate Proprietary Blend
SGD $4,800 per mag ($5,232 inc GST) – 1 Magnum
“This elegant, sophisticated, cerebral face of Harlan is something of a departure from its rich, hedonic reputation, which I also love. But, got to hand it to the next-gen team, this is simply stunning. Bravo!”
100 Lisa Perrotti-Brown
100 Jeb Dunnuck & James Suckling

2015 Peter Michael, Chardonnay Point Rouge
SGD $1,800 per mag ($1,962 inc GST) – 1 Magnum

“The 2015 Chardonnay Point Rouge is pure pedigree and class, showing all the elegance and seamlessness of a truly top-tier Chardonnay…Wow. 292 cases were made.”
100 Lisa Perrotti-Brown

99-100 Robert Parker

2015 Screaming Eagle, Sauvignon Blanc
SGD $5,500 per bot ($5,995 inc GST) – 1 bottle

Not rated but if you know…

2021 Kongsgaard, Chardonnay
SGD $2,400 per case ($2,616 inc GST) – 3 cases (1×12) OC

“The 2021 Chardonnay (Napa Valley) is stellar. Wonderfully refined and airy, the 2021 impresses with its total harmony. It is especially elegant.”
97 Antonio Galloni


Terms & Conditions
Offer ends on Wednesday 10th July 2024 l No further discount l Immediate payment required l Delivery fees ($32.72) waived for purchases above $500 before GST excluding airports | Cancellation of orders not allowed l Orders to be collected/delivered within 3 months upon stock availability l Offered Ex-Singapore & subject to remaining unsold​

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