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The Fantastic 2019s Reds from Oldenburg Vineyards

We’re absolutely thrilled to present the magnificent four 2019s reds from Oldenburg Vineyards! Stellenbosch is a place that continues to captivate us with its breathtaking beauty and boundless potential for producing fresh and diverse wines.

Nestled on the tip of the African continent, this South African terroir stands out for its uniqueness worldwide, boasting a remarkable combination of:

  • Abundant sunshine, infusing the wines with radiant flavours.
  • The cool Atlantic meeting the Indian Ocean.
  • Mountains, bringing this cool microclimate.

And let’s not forget the daring “Scary Corner”! Yes, you heard it right – the Banghoek Valley (Bang= scary, Hoek= corner), Oldenburg’s home, earned its name due to its reputation for leopard sightings among the vineyards! We personally adore this thrilling corner, which unveils wines of unparalleled elegance.

For Matthew Hemming MW the O.V Cabernet Franc 2019 is a “Rewarding, lip-smacking refreshment.”. The Rondekop ‘Rhodium’ 2019 “Really rides on its spice and this brings energy through the finish.” The ‘Stone Axe’ 2019 is “Northern Rhone inspired which has an “intense perfume and more smoke tones. Mid-bodied, sleek and savoury.” Finally, for Matthew, the ‘Per Se’ 2019 illustrates perfectly why “Stellenbosch is famous for fine Cabernet Sauvignon… there’s an admirable fruit purity and insistence – spice and blackcurrant.”

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The Offer: 
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Oldenburg Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2019

100 bottles (x75cl) @ $54/ bottle (inc GST $58.32) 

Originally planted as a blending component but now standing proud as its own bottling.  Nose is immediately redolent of Loire Valley Cab Franc – peppery raspberry fruit and fresh tobacco.  Floods the palate with fresh and sappy fruit notes, seasoned with a generous grind of black pepper.  Brisk, pure and succulent with a crunchy acidity.  Not hugely complex but has masses of fruit appeal and a touch of earthiness on the back of the mid-palate.  Surprising length and attractive balance.  Rewarding, lip-smacking refreshment.

91/100 – Matthew Hemming MW


Rondekop ‘Rhodium’ 2019

100 bottles (x75cl) @ $67/ bottle (inc GST $72.36)

A Cab Franc-heavy right bank Bordeaux blend of 60% Cabernet Franc; 30% Merlot; 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Berries and spice on the nose with earthy and tobacco-influenced elements from the Cabernet Franc.  Fine chalky tannins frame the fruit and reach to the back of the palate.  Mid-weight, cool and compact.  Really rides on its spice and this brings energy through the finish.  A distinctive wine showcasing the quality of Cabernet Franc from this terroir.

93/100 – Matthew Hemming MW


Rondekop ‘Stone Axe’ Syrah 2019

10 bottles (x75cl) @ $68/ bottle (inc GST $73.44)

In many ways Syrah is South Africa’s most exciting red for me.  At Oldenburg most of the Syrah plantings are on the very top of Rondekop – exposed, thin soil and lots of rocks; about the windiest site.  Northern Rhone inspired this is peppery and slightly smokey and meaty with reductive notes.  The use of whole bunches brings even greater spice emphasis.  Very little new wood so the fruit is unobscured.  Gains pace and accelerates in the glass, developing a much more intense perfume and more smoke tones.  With air it starts to evolve creamier notes and some meaty characters.  Mid-bodied, sleek and savoury.  Finishes with silky tannins.

94/100 – Matthew Hemming MW


Rondekop ‘Per Se’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2019    

180 bottles (x75cl) @ $68/ bottle (inc GST $73.44) 

Stellenbosch is famous for fine Cabernet Sauvignon and this illustrates why, via the lens of Rondekop terroir.  Pure, savoury, slight dusty Cabernet aromas of blackcurrant, with a hint of leafiness.  Another wine with a subtle creaminess that sneaks into the mid-palate – a textural signature of these wines.  This morphs into a more mineral and saline characteristic, before the gently sandy tannins kick in.  Throughout there’s admirable fruit purity and insistence – spice and blackcurrant.

94/100 – Matthew Hemming MW


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Offer ends on Monday 14th August 2023 l No further discount l Immediate payment required l Delivery fees ($32.40) waived for purchases above $500 before GST excluding airports | Cancellation of orders not allowed l Order/s to be collected/delivered within 1 month upon stock availability l Offered Ex-Singapore & subject to remaining unsold 

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