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100 Point Amarone - "This is amazingly good" (Dec)

We are delighted to offer the 100-point 2015 Allegrini Fieramonte Amarone. Rated as flawless by Georgina Hindle, this is one of only two Amarones ever to achieve this score in Decanter (the other being the 2016 vintage), meaning that it beats everything reviewed in this publication from the likes of Dal Forno and Quinteralli, two Italian icons. It’s a remarkable feat that makes this 2015 just about impossible to ignore for Amarone fans. 

The Montefiore comes from a small vineyard at a relatively high elevation. The moderating influence of this altitude means that this Amarone retains freshness and elegance to balance the power and concentration for which Amazon is famed. It also means small production, with just 1,000 cases made in 2015.

These cases are likely to be in high demand. For Georgina Hindle, this is “Richly scented on the nose with a beautiful nuance” while on the palate The texture is so appealing, rich yet smooth and silky” and it really leaves a lingering impression… an absolute lifeforce”Complimenting this there is excellent freshness throughout”. 

Do take a look and let us know if you would like any secured:

2015 Allegrini, Fieramonte Amarone
40cs (3*75cl OC) @ £350 per case in bond
10 mags (1*150cl OWC) @ £260 per magnum in bond
100 points Decanter (Georgina Hindle)
One of two Allegrini wines making their debut on the Place de Bordeaux this year. From an 8ha vineyard at 415m. Richly scented on the nose with a beautiful nuance to the dark fruits, floral scents and sweet spices, all melding together. The texture is so appealing, rich yet smooth and silky, dominating the palate with the flavours of stewed blackcurrants, coffee beans, orange rind, slightly bitter medicinal herbs, juicy balsamic peppery fruit and a beguiling saltiness. It’s enveloping in the best way, but still juicy and lively, really leaves a lingering impression on the palate, an absolute lifeforce. Tannins are on the chewy and grippy side, coating the mouth and tongue but the presentation of the flavours is so precise and detailed. This is amazingly good with excellent freshness throughout. 5% Oseleta completes the blend. Ageing 48 months in French oak barriques, 6 months in Slavonian oak. First vintage was 2011 with no 2014 made. (2022) Drink 2025-2050


Offered subject to final confirmation. Available in the UK in 8-12 weeks.

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