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Store with us at LCB Eton Park

- Competitive rates of just £10.50 (+ VAT) per 12 bottle case per year.
- Temperature and humidity controlled cellars.
- Looked after by our expert Cellar Masters.
- Ability to place wines on and off sale or request delivery via your Account Manager.
- Insurance at full replacement value.

Our Private Client Reserves

At Vinum Fine Wines we take wine storage very seriously, priding ourselves on only sourcing stock with impeccable provenance and history, and then keeping it in the same condition.

To achieve this, our wines are stored at our dedicated temperature and humidity controlled cellar in London City Bond Eton Park and looked after by our own team of dedicated Cellar Masters.

We are delighted to be able to offer the same professional storage services to you, should you wish to transfer or deliver your wines to our cellars and store them with us.

Our rates are a competitive and all wines are insured at full replacement value. For this, your wines will be stored in the same secure cellar in which we place our wines and they will be looked after by the same team with the same degree of care, experience and expertise.

If you store with us, you’ll also have access to our state of the art inventory management system. This will give you real time pricing and performance analysis, critic scores, drinking windows and the ability to place wines on and off sale and also request delivery.


Your wines or spirits are insured at full market value.


All your wines will be stored at the secure & temperature-controlled Eton Park warehouse operated by London City Bond. This 19th-century facility has metre-thick walls and a state-of-the-art air conditioning system described by its manufacturer as the most advanced of its type for controlling the temperature of air in a warehouse.

Your collection will be treated with the same professional care & manner we provide to our own wines.
Every case is labeled and individually identified at the warehouse.

Vinum Fine Wines
Vinum Fine Wines

Your Storage Account

Adding New Purchases To Your Storage Account

Should you wish to add newly bought wines to your collection, do inform your account manager and they can be automatically added to your account once they arrive with us.

Transferring Wines Into Your Storage Account

You can transfer wines from existing cellars into your Storage account. Delivery would need to be arranged by your current storage facility and we will fully inspect the wines on arrival with us.

Speak to your account manager or contact us for more details.

Stock Removal For Transfer or Delivery

This can be arranged via your account manager. Local deliveries are fulfilled by London City Bond Eton Park. Local delivery charges apply and are rated according to designated Postal Address.

We are also able to provide you with the recommended delivery options should the wines need to be delivered out of the UK.

Please note the following points as well for deliveries:
- Any unused rental months remaining will not be refunded.
- Duty and VAT will apply for wines kept under bond and must be paid in advance prior to local delivery.
- All non-local delivery charges must be paid in advance before shipment preparation.

Our Storage Charges

The rates will be based & be charged yearly (1st Jan ~ 31st Dec) as per the rates below.
Any new storage or purchase additions made in the running year will be prorated and invoiced for the duration of the addition date to the last date of the year.

All rates are EX VAT
- £10.50 per case of 12 standard bottles / 9 Litres
- £5.25 per case of 6 standard bottles / 4.5 Litres

The chargeable case / band rate is fixed at [9L - 12 bottles] & [4.5L - 6 bottles].

Storage for loose bottles / various bottle formats will be based on total literage and applied accordingly to the next chargeable case.
- 1~5 bottles (less than 4.5L) will be charged as 4.5L ,
- 7~11 bottles (more than 4.5L but less than 9L) will be charged as 9L
- 1~2 Magnum bottle (less than 4.5L) will be charged as 4.5L,
- 4~5 Magnum Bottles (more than 4.5L but less than 9L will be charged as 9L
- 1 Jeroboam (more than 4.5L but less than 9L) will be charged as 9L

Vinum Fine Wines

Discover LCB Eton Park

 From London’s oldest bonded warehouse to the UK’s leading tax warehousing company LCB has an impeccable reputation with renowned drinks trade customers. Fine wine merchants and global investors entrust them with their storage in the ideal conditions of Eton Park, Melksham, Dinton and Drakelow.

Fine more information about LCB Vinotheque here.

Store your wines with us

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