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2022 Burgundy: Great New Scores For Jadot

“All other things being equal, I would recommend going large in 2022, large in the sense of a broad range because there are so many really good wines at all levels”
– Jasper Morris on 2022 Burgundy


We are delighted to offer our allocations of the outstanding 2022s from Louis Jadot. The product of a very promising vintage and highly rated by Jasper Morris MW, these 2022s continue to demonstrate that Jadot is making wines that can compete with the best in their respective appellations.

2022 is shaping up to be a very interesting vintage as it was warm, but the wines are balanced and very fine. Our own Matthew Hemming MW visited the regions in December and found, “The 2022s I tasted last week confounded expectations and dashed preconceptions. We found wines that delivered an unlooked-for degree of classicism and which, at times, are nudging towards genuine greatness.” To read his full report, click here.

Looking at Morris’s scores and notes for Jadot’s 2022s, it took full advantage of the conditions and made some excellent wines. On the red front, the Clos de Bèze and Chapelle Chambertin are both excellent, while the Clos St Jacques is now threatening to rival the same wine from the likes of Rousseau.

For those looking for whites, we have four Grand Crus available: the flagship Montrachet, sublime Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles, Batard Montrachet and Corsont Charlemagne. While the Montrachet is yet to be d, the remaining three are clearly deeply impressive wines.

Details are below, do take a look and let us know if you would like any secured. Large formats are available on request.

2022 Louis Jadot, Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru
2cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £1,180 per case in bond
96-98 points Jasper Morris MW
A fine crimson colour. The bouquet is immediately appealing showing a distinction not yet apparent in the Chapelle-Chambertin, though that will come. This is the more structured of the two, possibly even a little bit stern, but with a wealth of high-class fruit behind where the refinement begins to show. Drink from 2032-2040+. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Chapelle Chambertin Grand Cru
4cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £695 per case in bond 
96-98 points Jasper Morris MW
Medium deep purple. The bouquet offers great promise, not flamboyant, a savoury red fruit but with depth behind. Nothing on the nose to say this is a stunning wine but just wait till you put it into your mouth! Such an explosion of rich ripe red fruited pinot, with a plush velvet texture which covers the tannins which are surely there for the long term future. Drink from 2032-2040. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Gevrey Chambertin Clos St Jacques 1er Cru
16cs (3*75cl OC) @ £510 per case in bond
93-96 points Jasper Morris MW
Medium deep purple, not yet displaying much bouquet but that is a question of reticence, not absence. There is plenty of energy behind, still savoury touch but one can see a significant weight of red berry fruit waiting in the wings. A sleeper perhaps. Drink from 2032-2038. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Corton Pougets Grand Cru
2cs (6*75cl OWC) @ £560 per case in bond
91-94 points Jasper Morris MW
Not too deep in colour but with an appealing, almost savoury nose. Plenty of body here, with some dark cherry. The savoury aspect continues on the palate, some tannins, not the fullest bodied but with pedigree. I have such fond memories of this vineyard across the decades. Drink from 2030-2038. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Echezeaux Grand Cru
2cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £695 per case in bond
90-93 points Jasper Morris MW
Medium deep colour, with dark flowers on the nose. Coming in the midst of various spectacular grands crus, I find that the Echezeaux has taken the sunshine to a slightly brutal degree, as reflected by maximum ripeness of the fruit along with some tannins that may have been blocked from maturing fully. The yield was lower which is not always the best thing in hot dry years. It is still a sound wine but has missed out on the more delightful side of 2022. Tasted: October 2023.


2022 Louis Jadot, Charmes Chambertin Grand Cru
2cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £695 per case in bond 
Not yet tasted


2022 Louis Jadot, Clos St Denis Grand Cru
2cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £910 per case in bond
Not yet tasted


2022 Louis Jadot, Montrachet Grand Cru
5cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £2,500 per case in in bond 
Not yet tasted


2022 Louis Jadot, Chevalier Montrachet Les Demoiselles Grand Cru
24cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £1,690 per case in bond
95-97 points Jasper Morris MW
A fine mid lemon yellow. The bouquet is extremely stylish, showing a Chevalier with depth of flavour. There is lots more to tease out. Really impressive concentration here, just a few toasty notes, an extra body that comes from this emplacement. Just the right mineral acidity behind. Drink from 2032-2040. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Batard Montrachet Grand Cru
4cs (3*75cl OWC) @ £1,300 per case in bond
95-98 points Jasper Morris MW
This has not fallen clear after a recent lees stirring. Jadot stir their Grands Crus twice after the fermentations, once each in summer and autumn. There is significant weight as you would expect, almost a monolithic block, a little citrus, both lemon and lime. Impeccable length. This requires significantly more ageing but should join its fellows on the podium. Drink from 2034-2040+. Tasted: October


2022 Louis Jadot, Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru
32cs (3*75cl OWC) £655 per case in bond 
94-97 points Jasper Morris MW
Recently stirred so cloudy. Affects the bouquet too, so that is hard to judge. Unquestioned weight, plenty of energy, the lees with the wood shows more at the finish. No reason why this should not be an excellent wine. Another sample was produced, representing the component raised in foudre only, 10 barrels worth, so one third of the whole, has a clear pale lemon and lime colour. The fruit is clearly ripe but with no signs of exotic fruit. This fills the palate beautifully, a little citrus, enough white fruit flesh and then a long stony finish. Absolutely what it should be, and in 2022 something more. Drink from 2032-2040+. Tasted: October


Offered subject to final confirmation. Available in the UK late 2024. Offer expires 1st Feb 2024.

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