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A Rare Selection of Glen Grant Bottlings up to 62 Years Old

We are delighted to offer a small collection of Glen Grant bottlings by the independent bottler Gordon & Macphail.

Glent Grant is located in Rothes and was founded in 1840. It is known for producing whiskies that have a light and floral character with a rich history of producing exceptional malts.

The distillation process here helps to produce the unique style that Glen Grant is known for, using pure spring water from local sources. Interestingly, the wash still at Glen Granthas a unique, taller shape in comparison to other distilleries, which creates a lighter and fruitier spirit. The stills are also direct fired and this, along with the use of American oak casks for ageing means a fresher, more floral style of spirit is created compared to some of its neighbours.

Gordon & Macphail are one of the great independent bottlers and have been buying stocks from the top distilleries of Scotland for generations. This has allowed them some very special releases and this series of bottlings of old Glen Grants, with significant ages to them, really is an outstanding selection.

Glen Grant 1950, Gordon & Macphail (2010), 40% – 59 Years Old Sherry Cask

GBP 3,095 per 70cl bottle duty paid (ex-VAT) – 1 bottle available

A 1950 vintage bottling that was released in 2010 and 59 years old.

Glen Grant 1951, Gordon & Macphail (2013), 40% – 62 Years Old Sherry Cask

GBP 2,950 per 70cl bottle duty paid (ex-VAT) – 1 bottle available

A marriage of two Sherry buts that were both distilled in 1951. This was bottled in November 2013 at 62 years of age.

Glen Grant 1952, Gordon & Macphail (2012), 40% – 59 Years Old Sherry Cask

GBP 2,895 per 70cl bottle duty paid (ex-VAT)

1952 vintage that was bottled in 2012 as a 59 year old.

Glen Grant 1953, Gordon & MacPhail (2013), 40% – 60 Years old Sherry Cask

GBP 2,300 per 70cl bottle duty paid (ex-VAT)

Bottled in 2013, this Sherry cask aged 1953 vintages was released at 60 years old.

Glen Grant 1954, Gordon & Macphail (2012), 40% – 58 Years Old Sherry Cask

GBP 2,085 per bottle duty paid (ex-VAT)

A lovely dark colour, this bottling was distilled in 1954 and then bottled in 2012 as a 58 year old.


Offered subject to final confirmation and remaining unsold.

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