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An incredible selection of Domaine Raveneau

“It’s always a pleasure to visit Raveneau, where the best wines are capable of a level pure visceral thrill equaled at only a few other estates around the world.”
– Antonio Galloni 


We have an incredible selection of Domaine Raveneau to offer; spanning the vintages 2011-2020 and including classifications from Village all the way up to Grand Cru.Raveneau is one of the most in-demand of producers in the fine wine market, so finding the benchmark wines made by them is an increasingly difficult task. An array such as this is a superb and increasingly rare opportunity to take good quantity across various cuvees and vintage.

Details are below, do take a look and let us know if you would like to secure any of these cases. Lead times are available on request.

2011 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Butteaux 1er Cru
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ £2,750 per case in bond 
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ e3,150 per case
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $4,670 ($5,043.60 inc GST) per case
93 points Antonio Galloni
The 2011 Chablis Butteaux is subtle, gracious and utterly impeccable in its elegance. All the elements are simply in the right place. Articulate, energetic and nuanced, the 2011 captures all the qualities of this 1er Cru site, in miniature. This is another of the more approachable 2011s from Raveneau. (2013)


2011 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Chapelot 1er Cru
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ £2,950 per case in bond 
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ e3,390 per case
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $5,000 ($5,400 inc GST) per case
92 points Antonio Galloni
One of the brighter wines in the range, the 2011 Chablis Chapelots is highly intriguing from the first taste. Expressive floral overtones add lift and brightness. White peach, pear and spice notes follow, rounding out the wine nicely. Chapelots is a sub-climate of Montee de Tonnerre, and is bottled separately when there is enough production to warrant two distinct wines from Montee de Tonnerre. For example, there will be no 2012. (2013)


2011 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Montee de Tonnerre 1er Cru
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ £2,950 per case in bond
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ e3,390 per case
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $5,000 ($5,400 inc GST) per case
94 points Antonio Galloni
The 2011 Chablis Montee de Tonnerre is all about grace. A gentle hint of spice leads to dried pears, crushed flowers, red berries and licorice. Constantly changing in the glass, the 2011 is a marvel to behold. Suggestions of smoke, graphite and licorice add layers of nuance in a magical wine loaded with class and personality. Best of all, the 2011 is relatively approachable by Raveneau standards, which means reader won’t have to wait long at all to experience the magic of one of the great sites in Chablis. (2013)


2015 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Vaillons 1er Cru
1cs (12*75cl OC) @ £6,900 per case in bond
1cs (12*75cl OC) @ e7,870 per case 
1cs (12*75cl OC) @ SGD $11,630 ($12,560.40 inc GST) per case
94 points Neal Martin
The 2015 Chablis 1Er Cru Vaillons was difficult to pin down last year from barrel when it trailed behind the other premier crus. Of course, it was just playing a trick on this writer because it has blossomed into one fabulous Vaillons. It is blessed with a pretty, wet limestone-scented bouquet, very open and transparent with a touch of spice developing with aeration. The palate skips along, fresh and tensile with a keen thread of acidity. I love the tension here that enlivens this Chablis from start to finish and lends the finish real energy and persistence. What a great Vaillons this is turning out to be and a bit of a revelation after its showing from barrel. (2017)


2018 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Montee de Tonnerre
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ £2,550 per case in bond
1cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ £2,750 per case in bond
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ e2,910 per case
1cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ e3,140 per case
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $4,340 ($4,687.20 inc GST) per case 
1cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ SGD $4,680 ($5,054.40 inc GST) per case
95 points Allen Meadows
This is perhaps the most elegant and floral-infused wine in the range with its array of various white flower scents, especially acacia that are nuanced by wisps of ocean breeze, iodine and algae. The restrained and well-detailed flavors possess a sophisticated and refined mouthfeel while the stony and chiseled finish exhibiting excellent persistence on the bone-dry finish. This is class in a glass and a stunning rendition of the appellation though note well that at least moderate patience is strongly advised. (2020)


2018 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis
6cs (6*75cl OC) @ £1,495 per case in bond
6cs (6*75cl OC) @ e1,700 per case
6cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $2,620 ($2,829.60 inc GST) per case 
90 points Allen Meadows
Here too there is good freshness to the slightly riper aromas of grapefruit, quinine and sea breeze. The overtly rich and lush medium-bodied flavors possess an opulent mouthfeel along with a lovely texture while offering markedly better complexity on the balanced and lingering finish. This is really quite pretty and a wine that should amply reward mid-term cellaring. (2020)


2019 Domaine Raveneau, Chablis Blanchot Grand Cru
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ £6,000 per case in bond
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ e6,840 per case 
1cs (6*75cl OC) @ SGD $10,220 ($11,037.60 inc GST) per case
96 points Allen Meadows
As is often the case, this is aromatically quite similar to the Montée de Tonnerre with just a touch more wood in evidence. Here too the slightly richer flavors possess an equally gorgeous texture with a bit more mid-palate stuffing to the intense, powerful and bone-dry finale that exhibits simply huge length. This beauty is even firmer, and I wouldn’t even think about opening a bottle for at least 10 years, research purposes aside! (2021)


2019 Domaine Raveneau, Petit Chablis
2cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ £950 per case in bond 
2cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ e1,090 per case
2cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ SGD $1,780 ($1,922.40 inc GST) per case
89 points Allen Meadows
A ripe and slightly phenolic nose (think olive oil nuances) features notes of both white and yellow orchard fruit along with citrus and ocean breeze nuances. The nicely textured and solidly concentrated middle weight flavors possess a succulent mid-palate while the saline and dry finish tighten up. This robust effort is an outstanding Petit Chablis and worth checking out. (2021)


2020 Domaine Raveneau, Petit Chablis
7cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ £725 per case in bond 
7cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ e830 per case
7cs mags (3*150cl OC) @ SGD $1,330 ($1,436.40 inc GST) per case
90 points William Kelley
Raveneau‘s 2020 Petit Chablis is the domaine’s finest rendition of this comparative newcomer to the portfolio—from vines on the plateau above Les Clos—to date. Offering up aromas of pear, orange zest, freshly baked bread and hazelnut, it’s medium to full-bodied, layered and chalky, with good depth and tension, concluding with a saline finish. As usual, it’s mostly bottled in magnum. (2022)


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