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Burgundy 2022 Release Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a fine and consistent Burgundy vintage on our hands!  Very good wines and plenty of them, consistent in both colours and across the region.
Jasper Morris MW / Inside Burgundy

I cannot remember a Burgundy vintage that elicited so much joy from barrel!
Neal Martin / Vinous

I believe that the 2022s belong in any serious Burgundy collector’s cellar…a vintage that I believe you will want to have in your cellar and in respectable quantities.
Allen Meadows / Burghound


The next two weeks will witness a festival of Burgundy at Vinum as we launch our en primeur offers of the 2022 vintage.  Yesterday you should have received a sneak preview selection, featuring Six of the Best from across our range.  From Monday we will be releasing the 2022s from our major producers and Singapore exclusivities.

Fans of the region will no doubt have seen plenty of reports about this new vintage.  2022 has been widely reviewed and highly praised.

My own vintage report can be read on our Journal but, as ever, I recommend checking out your favourite critic’s opinions.

This is not the place to re-hash what has already been written about 2022 in the Cote d’Or but the main message is that this is one of those rare vintages that delivers high quality in both colours, throughout the region, and up and down the quality hierarchy.  This is what we have tried to encapsulate in our offers.


Burgundy 2022 Release Schedule

Monday 19th February
Jean Chartron & Domaine Coquard-Loison-Fleurot

Wednesday 21st February
Domaine de la Folie & Domaine Heresztyn-Mazzini

Friday 23rd February
Domaine Chavy-Chouet

Monday 26th February
Domaine Jean-Michel Gaunoux

Wednesday 28th February
Domaine Pascal et Laurent Borgeot
Domaine Johanes Violot-Guillemard

Friday 1st March
Domaine Rossignol-Trapet


Over the course of the fortnight our aim is to highlight old favourites alongside a smattering of new names, classic domaines and up-and-coming producers, good value propositions and world class Grand Crus.

If you spot something tempting in the schedule above, please mark your diary or drop your account manager a heads-up call.

From Rully to Richebourg, I think we have every cellar, occasion and budget covered.


What is clear is that 2022 is another very strong Burgundy vintage, offering excellence in both colours and in a wide variety of styles, foregrounding the fascinating nuances of site that render this region so interesting.
William Kelley / The Wine Advocate


One of the good news stories of 2022 is that yields were up on recent vintages so there is (finally) more wine to go around.  Consequently, allocations – everyone’s favourite part of Burgundy! – should be more easily available and less restricted this year.  Of course, in a high quality vintage demand for some wines will exceed supply but our 2022 offers should feature more of the cherries.

Where we have to allocate wines we will do so as fairly and quickly as possible.  We will take into account clients’ orders from recent en primeur seasons, purchase history and wider support of Vinum throughout the year.  Occasionally we may request that orders of the most sought-after crus are linked to village wines, but this is a year in which no one is going to be sorry to have some village wine in their collection.

Ultimately, there is no shortage of top class Burgundy that will be freely available in 2022 and our intention is to limit and restrict as few wines as we can.

Our opening offer will land with you on Monday, including Charton’s brilliant Saint Aubin Murgers des Dents de Chien and a lovely array of Grand Crus from Coquard-Loison-Fleurot.  In the meantime, have a great weekend and I hope you pull the cork from something special.

Matthew Hemming MW

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