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Discover the Hidden Value of Your Wine Collection with Vinum

As the international wine market continues to thrive, it's time to find out what your wine collection is worth! With years of experience and expertise in the industry, Vinum is here to help you maximize the value of your wine collection. Whether you have a few bottles or an entire cellar, we're interested in hearing from you. Our top wine interest are mature vintage Bordeaux, vertical collections of the same wine, prestigious brands like DRC, Leroy, d'Auvenay and more Vinum agency brands such as Dujac, De Vogue and Lafleur.

Ensuring Pristine Wine Quality

At Vinum, we prioritise the condition of the wine above all else. While we understand that labels may become stained or bin-soiled over time, we're most concerned with the storage conditions of the wine. Our team will work with you to provide a free valuation, inspect your collection, and arrange a convenient time for pickup in one of our refrigerated vans.

Wine Broking

At Vinum, we not only assess the value of your wine collection but also offer expert broking services to sell your wines. Once we finalise the purchase agreement and receive the wine at our facility, you have the option to either list it for sale on a commission basis or sell it outright with immediate payment. Listing your wines is absolutely free, with no charges involved. In the case of a commission sale, we charge a brokerage fee of 10% based on the selling price. If the selling price falls below £400.00, a charge of £40.00 per case applies. If you prefer an outright purchase with fast payment, our experienced team of buyers will provide you with competitive prices. Upon your agreement, we will promptly send you the proceeds.

Get Your Free Valuation Today

For a valuation or more information on selling the wines you currently hold, please reach out to [email protected]

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