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Incredible Selection of Rare Karuizawa Whiskies

We have a selection of rare and sgouht-after Karuizawa bottlings to offer

The closed distillery of Karuizawa has been one of the most in-demand in recent years. The distillery ran from 1955 until the year 2000 when it was mothballed and subsequently demolished. Modelled on Macallan, the distillery used 100% Scottish barely, had small stills and aged their spirit in sherry casks.

As you can see here, the abv on these aged bottlings is particularly high – this is due to where the distillery was located. On the side of Mount Asama (which is an active volcano), the temperature and humidity combined to form a regular mist. This meant that the evaporation of water was happening before the evaporation of alcohol meaning concentrated, higher-abv whiskies, one of the truly unique characteristics of Karuizawa.


1968 Karuizawa – 50 yo White Aqua #538 (59.2%)

GBP 36,995 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

Distilled in 1968, this impressive spirit was aged for 50 years in Sherry cask number 538 before being bottled at an incredible 59.2%. One of the ultimate Karuizawa collectible bottlings with 347 produced.


1994 Karuizawa – Noh series – #270 (62.7%)

GBP 4,195 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

Distilled in 1994 and bottled in 2010 from a single Sherry butt, 480 bottles were produced of this particular release.


2000 Karuizawa – Flower & Bird series ‘Bush Warbler & Roses With Poem’ #7608 (62%)

GBP 3,950 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

Features the artwork ‘Bush Warbler & Roses’ by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai. A release of 479 bottles and part of the Flower & Bird series, matured in a single Sherry cask and bottles in 2018.


2000 Karuizawa – Geisha series – #7721 (59%)

GBP 3,695 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

Distilled in 2000 and bottles in 2016, there were only 367 bottles released from this single Sherry cask. Part of the Geisha series.


1999 Karuizawa Mount Fuji Batch #36 – The Final Release (60.8%)

GBP 2,945 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

The last and final release in this famous series that has chronicled the 36 Views of Mount Fuji artworks


1999 Karuizawa LMDW Cellar Book (61.4%)

GBP 2,945 per bottle in bond – 1 available

A 2017 release from Paris’ famous La Maison du Whisky forming part of their Cellar Book collection. A bottling from 1999 and 2000 vintage Sherry casks.


1999 Karuizawa Artist Collection #10 Cask #872 (58.8%)

GBP 3,995 per 70cl bottle in bond – 1 available

A release of just 313 bottles, again bottled for La Maison du Whisky in Paris as part of their 10th anniversary Artist Collection in 2018. From a single Sherry cask.

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