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Karuizawa Flower & Bird Full Set

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a full set of the Karuizawa Flower & Bird Series, but I’m delighted to have one to offer today at GBP 15,750 per 4 bottle set in bond. karui

The closed distillery of Karuizawa has been one of the most in-demand in recent years. The distillery ran from 1955 until the year 2000 when it was mothballed and subsequently demolished. This one some of the last spirit to run off the famous stills.

Modelled on Macallan, the distillery used 100% Scottish barely, had small stills and aged their spirit in sherry casks.

For the age of many Karuizawa bottlings, the abv is particularly high – this is due to where the distillery was located. On the side of Mount Asama (which is an active volcano), the temperature and humidity combined to form a regular mist. This meant that the evaporation of water was happening before the evaporation of alcohol resulting in concentrated, higher-abv whiskies, one of the truly unique characteristics of Karuizawa.

The collection features the below four bottles. All were distilled in 2000 and bottled in 2018.

  • 2000 Karuizawa Cask #507 ‘Java Sparrow and Magnolia’ – A production of just 483 bottles at 62.9% ABV
  • 2000 Karuizawa Cask #7550 ‘Hydrangea and Swallow’ – A production of just 514 bottles at 62.2% ABV
  • 2000 Karuizawa Cask #7377 ‘Bullfinch and Weeping Cherry’ – A production of just 498 bottles at 61.6% ABV
  • 2000 Karuizawa Cask #7608 ‘Bush Warbler & Roses with Poem’ – A production of just 479 bottles at 62% ABV

We are very pleased to offer:


2000 Karuizawa Flower & Bird Series – Full Set

GBP 15,750 per set (4*70cl) in bond – 1 set available

*Offered subject to final confirmation and remaining unsold. ETA 8-12 weeks.

You can read our full Karuizawa profile here.

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