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New Releases from Álvaro Palacios and Descendientes de J. Palacios

We are delighted to offer the latest releases from Alvaro Palacios in Priorat and Descendientes de J. Palacios in Bierzo. These are some of the most exciting wines being produced in Spain right now and are well worth snapping up on release – there is never enough to go around. The wines are offered en primeur and will be available later next year (2025).

The range is full of wines that are elegant with depth and a truly ethereal, transcendental quality at times.

Gratallops Vi de Vila is already approachable and still outstanding value. Fina Dofi shows its personality once again while the single vineyard La Baixada is a step up, and a constituent part of the former. Les Aubaguetes is the smallest production here and L’Ermita is an icon – if you have the chance to buy, you really must.

Alvaro’s nephew Ricardo Perez produces the wines in Bierzo, primarily from Mencia grapes with a little white thrown in as well. These are pure, perfumed and classic Bierzo wines that really demand some time in the cellar to show at their best. The estate is named after Alvaro’s father and Ricardo’s uncle as ‘Descendientes de J. Palacios’ and these wines continue to make a case for Mencia as a world-class appellation for fine reds. They offer outstanding value

2023 Gratallops Vi de Vila, Alvaro Palacios

GBP 198 per case (6*75cl OC) in bond – 2 cases available

80% Garnacha, 20% Carinena. 8.79ha. 13,730 bottles produced.

A true bargain, this is fleshy out of the gate with a core of sweet red fruits and violets. Layers of herbs and a slight opulence here too on the long finish. Once again this is superb value in the range and the one to drink over the next few years, although that is by no means a requirement.

2023 Finca Dofi, Alvaro Palacios

GBP 171 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

95% Garnacha, 5% Carinena. 12.5ha. 28,000 bottles produced.

The personality of Finca Dofi is all over this vintage. Alvaro describes the wine as ‘muy sexy’, and it does show well but there is understatement to the 2023. The fruit profile is darker with a touch of toast and almond on the palate too. The elegance is off the charts, a wonderful Finca Dofi.

2023 La Baixada, Alvaro Palacios

GBP 468 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

95% Garnacha, 5% Garnacha Blanca, 1.30ha vineyard, 3,460 bottles produced.

Tiny production on this and stepping up from Finca Dofi there is a meatiness and depth creeping in with some black cherries and pencil shavings, even a tough of salty mineraiity. Plenty going on, even at this early stage in its ilfe. A component part of the Finca Dofi blend that really shines on this solo performance.


2023 La Aubaguetes, Alvaro Palacios

GBP 786 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 2 cases available

60% Garnacha, 35% Carinena, 5% Garnacha Blanca and Macabeo. 1.79ha vineyard. 1,200 bottles produced.

Really small production here and this is all about elegance and finesse from the off. A 123 year old vineyard, one of the oldest in Priorat and the power and might of those years feels coiled up in a tense, structured wine that slowly reveals itself with time in the glass. One for the patient, the core of wild red fruit here and herbal edges will make this a fascinating wine for years to come.

2023 L’Ermita, Alvaro Palacios

GBP 2,220 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

84% Garnacha, 13% Carinena, 2% Picapoll, 1% Garnacha Blanca/Macabeo/Pedro Ximinez. 4.7ha. 4,800 bottles produced.

One of the great wines of Spain does not disappoint in 2023. This is expressive with intense dark red fruits and a sweet meaty edge. The oak brings spices, shaved coconut and minerality but a juicy freshness really stands out and there is something wild, almost untameable about this wine. Very much the iron fist in the velvet glove, there is just enough on show to hint at where this is heading. If you have the chance to add L’Ermita to the collection, I recommend taking it. This is the darker fruit side of Palacios’ wines, but the balance and finesse remains. Exceptional.

2023 Villa de Corullon, Descendientes de J. Palacios

GBP 168 per case (6*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

90% Mencia, 10% white grapes. 10.1ha. 35,733 bottles produced.

This is still a great buy and a step up from the estate’s true ‘entry’ level blend, the 2023 is the most mineral and elegant expression I’ve tasted of this wine. Plenty of years to enjoy this one as well.

2023 Moncerbal, Descendientes de J. Palacios

GBP 243 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

92% Mencia, 8% white grapes. 2.1ha vineyard. 6,400 bottles produced.

Always a wine that benefits from a few years in the cellar, the 2023 will be no different. There is refined core of juicy strawberry and hints of liquorice all balanced with dried wild herbs and plenty of structure and acidity to ensure a long life.

2023 La Lamas, Descendientes de J. Palacios

GBP 243 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 2 cases available

90% Mencia, 10% white grapes, 1.6ha, 6,000 bottles produced.

Often the more showy when compared to Moncerbal, the 2023 doesn’t disappoint. The red fruits are becoming darker and there is some blueberry and spice in here, yet the wine remains remarkably fresh and elegant with a long length. The extrovert to Moncerbals introvert.

2023 Quiñon de Valmira, Alvaro Palacios Alfaro

GBP 780 per case (3*75cl OC) in bond – 1 case available

85% Garnacha, 15% other red grapes. 3ha vineyard. 4,190 bottles produced.

The Rioja in the Palacios range, this has plenty of structure and a real vibrancy on the nose. Very much in the modern, refined style of Rioja, with tension and minerality as opposed to any real oak influence. Still very tightly wound and one to five 3-4 years before approaching but that core of fruit and herbal energy is going to be rewarding for the patient.

Offered subject to final confirmation and remaining unsold. Due to arrive in the UK late 2025.


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