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Sake from Japan Produced by Former Dom Perignon Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy

Something rather different to show you today, we are delighted to have availability on a small number of cases of a Sake with more than a passing connection to the Champagne industry! IWA 5 was set up by Dom Perignon’s former Chef de Cave Richard Geoffory in 2019 following his retirement from the iconic Champagne house and today we have the Assemblage #3 to offer at GBP 525 per case (6*72cl) in bond.

Richard probably explains his latest release best in his own words.

“This is the second successive Assemblage I have formulated while in France, owing to the limits of the current global situation. The project of IWA 5 means continual experimentation, and I keep progressing as I walk. Having learned so much from Assemblages 1 and 2, I keep playing here along a very fine and fragile line of balance. This paradox of presence and weightlessness has been my joy to create.”

Sake is a traditional Japanese beverage that is made from fermented rice, with a mild flavour and varying degrees of sweetness and dryness. Three rice varieties have been used in the production of IWA 5 #3.

  • Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo and Toyama Prefectures – this contributes brings streamlined finesse
  • Omachi from Okayama – brings opulence and texture
  • Gohyakumangoku from Toyama Prefecture – rounds out and seals the blend

Richard’s aim has been to, through the (unusual) art of blending, create a Sake that is incredibly food friendly, something which IWA 5 has become renowned for. We have included some of the tasting notes at various temperatures below, from the producer.

Lower temperatures. Reishu.

From 1-2°C and above
Definitely tightens the Sake up. Starting from 1°/2° and above is a subtle play of textures, with an element of gentle soft fruitiness – stone fruit, cherry. 

Higher temperatures. Kanzake.

35-37°C Hitohadakan
Sensuous. Immaterial and fluffy, gets back together through the aftertaste. Candied almonds. 

45°C Jokan
Amazingly soft. The viscosity and silky texture are fusional. Mint, aniseed, camphor. 

55°C Tobikirikan
A glorified character of rice. Rounded, thicker and grainy. White pepper.

A fascinating bottling and a great addition to the collection for both experienced Sake drinkers and newcomers alike.

We are very pleased to offer:

IWA 5 Sake Assemblage #3

GBP 525 per case (6*72cl) in bond

Nose: Intense, pure, highly defined. The first notes are bright ones, intriguingly vegetal, more floral than fruity. The sake calls for a moment of respiration to grow more complex through darker lower tones. White pepper – IWA’s aromatic signature – is clearly present.

Palate: One is instantly struck by the impression of superlative balance and coherence. The weightlessness of the sake unfolds with great tonicity. All sensations seamlessly converge, drawn to a racy, tactile, intense, mouthwatering finish.

Offered subject to final confirmation and remaining unsold.

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