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The Brora Distillery

The Brora Distillery produces whiskies that capture the essence of the Scottish Highlands.

Brora is located in the remote village of the same name on the eastern coast of the Scottish Highlands. Overlooking the North Sea, the distillery enjoys a serene setting that contributes to the unique character of the whiskies produced here.

Founded in 1819, Brora has a rich and storied history. Originally established as Clynelish Distillery, it operated under this name until 1969, when a new, modern Clynelish was built nearby. The original distillery was then renamed Brora.

The whiskies from here are renowned for their distinctive and complex flavours and are described as robust, peaty and full-bodied. The distillery’s location near the coast and the use of traditional distilling methods contribute to this unique character.

Brora has become well-known for their limited edition releases. Due to the distillery’s closure in 1983, these have become increasingly rare and sought after by collectors and enthusiasts. The limited availability of these exceptional releases makes them highly prized.

Having closed in 1983 due to the economic downturn, and along with several other distilleries, owners Diageo decided to revive the distillery and 38 years after its closure, Brora reopened in 2021. The reopening marked a new chapter in the legacy of Brora, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques which includes the use of traditional copper pot stills, locally sourced barley, and aging in carefully selected oak casks.

Brora stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Scotch whisky, producing whiskies that capture the essence of the Scottish Highlands.

Iconic Brora Distillery Bottlings

Brora 1972

1972 Brora 40 Year Old

When this was released in 2014 at £7,000, this wa the most expensive single malt ever released by Diageo. Only 160 bottles were released exclusively into travel retail.

Brora Distillery

Brora Triptych

A trio of 50cl bottles with each representing a distinct era of the history of the distillery. This was released in 2021 to mark the reopening of the distillery.

  • Elusive Legacy is a 48 year old and the oldest single malt scotch released by Brora.
  • Age of Peat is a 43 year old, produced in the classic 70s heavily smoky and peaty style.
  • Timeless Original is the youngest, a 38 year old, from casks filled in 1982 and with a. more delicate level of peat.

The bottles are presented in an ash wood case in crystal decanters with Glencairn stoppers, released at a retail price of £30,000.

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