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Highland Park

Highland Park Whisky – A Distillery Profile

Dating back to 1798, the Highland Park distillery sits amongst the charming and rugged landscape of the Orkney Islands.

Located off the north east coast of Scotland, Highland Park whisky has been recognised for generations for producing a richly fruity and warmly spiced style of Scotch. We take a closer look at this storied distillery.


Highland Park whiskies show a real sense of place thanks to the unique location of the distillery.

Located on the remote Orkney islands. The distillery sits close to the islands coast and amongst the rolling hills and peat bogs of the main island in the archipelago. The maritime climate, along with the locally grown barley and the influence of the peat, contribute to the distinctive flavours of Highland Park.

Locally grown barley is malted in-house with the use of traditional peat kilns adding a subtle smokiness. Distillation takes place in direct-fired copper pot stills and the slow process results in a rich and very flavourful spirit. Maturation takes place in a combination of ex-Sherry casks and American oak casks. This carefully balances the sweet, spicy and smoky flavour components.

Highland Park whiskies are renowned for their harmonious balance and complexity. They marries sweet, floral notes with subtle hints of spice, smoke and the coastal influences. There is often a heathery honey sweetness alongside rich fruits and warm spices that adds to the distinctive style of these popular whiskies.


Key Highland Park Releases:

Highland Park 54 Year Old – only 225 bottles were released to celebrate the 225th anniversary of the distillery. Laid down in 1968, four refill butts and six refill hogsheads were combined in 2008 in first fill Sherry butts for 14 years before being released this year. The absolute pinnacle of the Highland Park range. Bottles retail starting from GBP 39k and is the oldest ever whisky released from the distillery.

Highland Park 25 Year Old – a rare gem of a bottling that skillfully combines flavours of citrus fruits and honey with spicy oak and aromatic peat smoke. It is very much the essence of the Orkney Islands.

Highland Park Valkyrie – created as a tribute to the Viking heritage of the Orkney Islands. The whisky is inspired by Norse mytholygy and mysterious Valkyries. It’s a striking bottling with bold flavours of vanilla, dried fruits and spices.

Highland Park Dark Origins – a release that pays homage to the early illicit distilling history at Highland Park, back when barrels of whisky would be smuggled onto the island under the cover of darkness. There is a bit portion of first-fill Sherry cask aged whisky here. This gives the spirit of richer and darker profile with notes of nutmeg, ginger, dark chocolate and dried fruits.


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