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Pol Roger Winston Churchill Champagne

Pol Roger Winston Churchill: Statesman-Like Champagne 


Since its creation, Pol Roger Winston Churchill Champagne has garnered widespread acclaim. This is not only for its association with the esteemed statesman, but also for its exceptional quality and remarkable flavour profile.

Named after its most famous patron and designed to reflect the make-up of the cuvee at the time that Winston Churchill was enjoying it, Pol Roger’s flagship cuvee embodies the essence of Churchill’s character and his appreciation for the finest things in life.

Crafted with meticulous care and using only the finest grapes sourced from exceptional vineyards, this cuvée pays homage to both the legacy of Winston Churchill and the craftsmanship of the Pol Roger Champagne house. A high proportion of Pinot Noir means a full-bodied and complex style that complements Pol Roger’s style perfectly.

The Pol Roger/Winston Churchill Connection

It was in the 1920s that the connection between Pol Roger and Winston Churchill began to take shape. Churchill, who had become acquainted with the Pol Roger family, developed a deep appreciation for their champagnes. Impressed by the quality, he became a loyal and devoted fan of Pol Roger and, legend has it commissioned pint bottles to be made especially for his personal consumption.

In recognition of Churchill’s friendship and admiration, Pol Roger decided to create a special champagne cuvée bearing his name.

Pol Roger Winston Churchill


The 2015 Pol Roger Winston Churchill

Today, Pol Roger’s Winston Churchill Champagne continues to be crafted with the same dedication and meticulous attention to detail as it was when it was first introduced. It stands as a testament to the enduring partnership between two extraordinary entities. Its rich history adds an additional layer of depth and significance to each bottle.

The 2015 is the latest vintage and it’s exceptional. Antonio Galloni calling it “a nervy Winston Churchill marked by notable freshness and vigor more than size”. For William Kelley, it is an “inherently rather rich, gastronomic Champagne is quite tightly wound out of the gates”.



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